Relaxation Massage

RelaxationMassageStress-relieving, full-body relaxation massage. This soothes muscles, increases circulation, and improves muscle and skin tone.

60 minutes $60.00
90 minutes $85.00


Deep-Tissue Massage

Copy of DSC_0129Full-body massage that combines some Swedish strokes with firm pressure techniques. Muscle tension, stiffness, and fatigue are addressed.
60 minutes $70.00
90 minutes $95.00


Therapeutic Massage

Copy of DSC_0155Designed specifically for each client’s needs. In therapeutic massage, various techniques are used that assist with pain management and promote healing to injured areas. Techniques may include trigger point release, range of motion and other methods. Essential oils, which offer therapeutic properties for many conditions, may complement the massage.
30 minutes    $40.00
~ only injured area is addressed ~
60 minutes    $70.00
~ painful/injured area is addressed in addition to associated muscle groups; increases circulation that assists in the healing process ~
Copy of DSC_0164  Copy of DSC_0157




Mobile Chair Massage

Copy of DSC_0051“On-location” at your office or special event: staff benefit, employee appreciation, customer appreciation, party …
*Priced per Group

Chair Massage ~ If you can’t fit in a full massage, Chair Massage is also available in our office. It’s a great quick pick-me-up to address key areas of the back, neck, and shoulders.
*Priced per Minute


Warm Bamboo Massage

Copy of DSC_0198Full-body massage performed with smooth, warm bamboo rods that soothe, release, and relax.
Copy of DSC_0187 The heat and rolling motion techniques penetrate muscles and allow easier access to areas of tension.

60 minutes $80.00

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